Quick Tips – refreshing your hair without dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is, admittedly, amazing and I do carry a mini Batiste everywhere I go. The truth is, I hate washing my hair, and it’s my least favourite necessary beauty hassle.

However, have you ever experienced that dusty dry shampoo scalp itchiness? Ick.

To refresh your hair between washes without the need for dry shampoo, simply change your hair parting. Either change sides or, if you use a centre parting normally, try parting an inch or so to the side. Not only does this refresh your look in a subtle way and draw attention to different features, it does a great job of hiding the greasiest bits of your hair.

I have no idea why, but the parting usually gets greasiest fastest, along with the very front of your hair which comes into contact with your face’s natural oils. By changing your parting, different and fresher hair comes to the front, and a less oily parting is exposed. Enough to squeeze by an extra day or so without washing!

So you can hit snooze again, but still look super polished 😉


Your beloved slugabed,
Tulip Sniper

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