Review for Eve Lom’s Eye Cream

This is, without a doubt, my HG dark-circle-eliminating eye cream… I’ve previously shared this review on Space NK’s website but wanted to share it on my independent blog because I know some people are cynical of official website reviews.

So, without further delay, here is the verdict:

To me, this eye cream is an expensive purchase at £48 for an average quantity (20ml), however it is well worth the cost.
After the first night I used the product, I noticed the next morning that I looked more awake and bright-eyed, as my very dark undereye circles were reduced. I would have been impressed if my eye area had improved that much in a week, but just one night is unbelievable!
Over the next couple of weeks my undereye area looked less dry, dull and dark and became much brighter. I soon stopped feeling self-conscious about my eyes, which are deepset so can look darker quite easily.
I can’t really speak for lines as I’m only in my 20s and only get little dehydration lines, but these were certainly reduced.

The cream is quite thick but spreads easily. However, it seems very concentrated so I soon found that you only need to use a tiny amount, otherwise it’s too much.
It sinks in fairly quickly and doesn’t leave a greasy residue at all, but leaves the skin looking somewhat ‘dewy’.

I’ve tried many eye creams from popular skincare brands, and this has been by far the most effective at reducing dark circles (which is what I want most from my eye creams personally). It has also lasted the longest by far – well over a year! I know you should replace skincare products more often than that but this lasted about 18 months so I wanted to get my money’s worth.

The other reason I am so confident in this product is that when it ran out, I replaced it with a cheaper eye cream for about half the price… My eyes looked so much better that I thought I didn’t need to get such an expensive one this time. I thought nothing of it, but after about a week I was trying to figure out why I looked so tired despite no change in my sleeping routine. I then remembered that I changed my eye cream at the same time that I started looking so tired and having to heap on concealer again – so I guess it really does work as well as I first thought!

I highly reccommend this, even if it’s outside of your usual skincare budget. It lasts ages and really works, which is just awesome. I know that Paula Begoun claims that a separate eye cream and moisturiser isn’t necessary, but I’ve never had these kinds of results from using even my favourite moisturisers under my eyes. Definitely a particularly strong Eve Lom product which is well worth trying if you can,

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