Is oil cleansing suitable for oily or combination skin?

To anyone who has dealt with oily or combination skin, the idea of putting any additional oil on your face can seem counter-intuitive. I remember my skin’s oiliest period during my teenage years well; I looked for anything and everything labelled ‘oil-free’ in the hopes that I could achieve smaller pores and less shiny skin. Not only that, I sought the strongest cleansers I could find to try and make my skin feel less greasy.

However, oily skin is not always best treated with a strong cleanser with foaming agents like sodium laureth sulphate, as this can often strip the skin of its natural protective oils to the point that it overreacts and becomes sensitised and potentially produces even more oil. This goes doubly for combination skin which may suffer from dry or dehydrated areas already, which can be exacerbated by using the wrong cleanser.

Everyone’s skin is different, but it is worth trying an oil cleanser if you have oily or combination skin, even if you suffer from acne. The oil does not clog the pores, but is emulsified by the water when you rinse your face and you are left with skin that is well-balanced instead of dried out or feeling tight.

Many oil cleansers contain skin-nourishing ingredients like jojoba oil and olive oil, but once you have finished cleansing there is usually no residue left on the skin (depending on the oil cleanser you choose, of course; those formulated for dry skin tend to be a little heavier).

If you’re still unsure about the idea, I recommend trying a cheap oil cleanser to start experimenting with, as once you try it first-hand you’ll get some idea of how your skin reacts. MakeupAlley and the Paula’s Choice Beautypedia are both good places to find an affordable cleansing oil suited to your skin type. I’ll also be sharing a post soon comparing my favourite cleansers and their various benefits, including an amazing  Eve Lom dupe with better ingredients and a better price tag. Trust me, you need this gem in your life.

Good luck, and happy cleansing!

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